Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Thing!

OK, so wow! I made this blog last night, and im so excited to be starting this. So is my sister annie. lol. yesterday me and her stayed up like till 4am. well, for her it was like 7am because she lives in Maine. :> I love her lots she always there for me when i need her!!! Im going to tell you more about me, hmmmmm, where do i start? ok, so i have been in foster care twice in my life. I got taken away from my mom for 3 and a half years the first time. Then the second time was 4 years. lol. I just had court on monday and the judge said that i could go home!!! so its just recently that ive gone back to live with my mom. What really sucks is that both of my sisters dont live with my mom anymore so im the only one left for me mom. :<> Im scared but at the same time kind of scared, lol. I have a boyfriend, His name is Joe. His Whole name is Joeseph Edison Diggs. I can imagen me as Mrs. Diggs, lol. Ima freak, but thats ok. i will type more l8ter!! bye!!!


Ann-Marie said...

I think I did pretty good for installing this template and fixing it so it works right. Especially since I hardly remember all that xml internet stuff. :P

Adrea Mayer said...

yeah, lol. you did!! :> thanx lots sis!!!

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